A VIP Visitor Information Point
To engage with local communities/local historical societies, to build an effective tourism development network. A general template is available
Failte Ireland estimate the Tourism market to be worth €7.68 Billion. Part of this growth is Cultural. The Culturally Curious element seeks the Real culture, outside of main centres. However, despite this  Rural Ireland does not have the necessary infrastructure to embrace this potential?

B ShopPing

A development strategy to support rural retail communities. Rural retail has suffered a severe negative impact in recent years. ShopPing now seeks to introduce a group based strategy to counter the prevailing market conditions.

C Network to Work N2W

To consolidate clusters of local services and manufacturing to seek market opportunities in marketing and wider procurement. Most rural enterprises are Micro, employing less than 10 .This is perhaps the most vulnerable sector in the economic landscape. The proposed local clusters will engage in the TOSS evaluation. The overall outcome should be based on a much more robust individual and collective, market ready business model.

 D County Marketing Company

Every enterprise, large and small recognises marketing as the lifeblood of business. Realistically many traditional markets have disappeared. The simple CMC premise is to seek new possibilities and market opportunity. CMC will supply participation in, an, online ecommerce service to suitable clients from all sectors. Market development will be local and export.

E BBT (In development)

One of the least acknowledged aspect of modern society is the growing level of social exclusion and loneliness in both rural and urban settings. BBT, Buns, Biscuits and tea is a very simple localized model. It is hoped the group leads will include local communities, Rural Link, a transport provider. The programme, working through local community organizations will invite those living alone to be picked up once or twice a week, brought to a centre for Buns Biscuits Tea and conversation. The model could well extend itself to exchange visits to other peer centres. The simple objective is to provide a weekly social forum.

F WITH West of Ireland Technology Hub  ( In development}

This is a Hub and Spoke model, based in Castlebar, providing, in the first instant, high speed broadband/fibre for its clients
This will also be a training and marketing nucleus, ie County Marketing Company. The Hub model will link to outlying areas in the county

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